Aero Solid Waste Management

Aero SWM will help you with manging the dump site. You can assign the weeks area to target. Calculate the airspace available and predict the upcoming future demands. Aero SWM will allow to know the progress of the incineration/dump/compaction.

Aero SWM

Volume Measurement from Refrence Datum
Manage Airspace
With the Aero Solid Waste Management, get the current available airspace available in the cell. Understand the volumatric changes made day by day.
Assign Task to Field Team
With Aero Solid Waste Management you can assign the task that where should be the compaction made, where should be the dump placed and which part should be taken for the incineration. It will help connect the office team with the field team.
Volume Measurement from Refrence Datum

Aero Solid Waste Management has vast range of features than listed above, to know all

How it works?

Geodectic Surveys

Our engineers will gather the relative site data by flying the UAV on your worksite.

Geodectic Surveys

The office team will process the data and will upload on your webportal.

Geodectic Surveys

The data will be delivered to you on our webportal.

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