Aero Railways

Aero Rails will allow you to keep the measurements of bed, progress made, terrain changes and much more.. Aero Rails also offers a way to compare multiple sections check the contour changes and how the worksite changes over time so you know what progress is being made each day.

Aero Rails

Volume Measurement from Refrence Datum
Measure Volumes
Get the volume of sandpiles, excavatiion/filling made on your worksite with just few clicks. Measure volume in multiple ways. Check volume with refrence to a datum plane or you can use smart tool to get just the smart value of sand piles.
Plot Cross Sections
With AeroRails you can plot as much sections you want and compare them against each other to find the best one. The section can also be exported into AutoCAD so it can be passed to site engineers and so..
Volume Measurement from Refrence Datum

Aero Rails has vast range of features than listed above, to know all

How it works?

Geodectic Surveys

Our engineers will gather the relative site data by flying the UAV on your worksite.

Geodectic Surveys

The office team will process the data and will upload on your webportal.

Geodectic Surveys

The data will be delivered to you on our webportal.

Get Aero Rails for your worksite today!