A Complete Site Management Solution.

A solution to map, manage and track progress of your worksite

We provide you solution for,

Your Progress of site
With the 3D models you can track the progress of your worksite. Compare multiple section set check by which pace the work is processing.
Compare Changes
You can track the changes made on your worksite. Compare multiple orthomoziac and see how the worksite is heading day by day.
Assign the task
It is major challange to connect office team with the ones on site. With our tool you can assign the task to the worksite engineers just with few clicks.
Track Future!
Create your own dataset and with the advanced tools like machine learning you can predict the future outcomes to be!

There are more possibilities than this, to know more about the entire product,

Services We Offer

Highway Surveys

Aero Highways

Railway Surveys

Aero Rails

Solid Waste Management Solutions

Aero SWM

Aggregate Surveys

Aero Aggregate

Mine Surveys

Aero Mines

Geodectic Surveys

Aero GeoSurvey

How it works?

Geodectic Surveys

Our engineers will gather the relative site data by flying the UAV on your worksite.

Geodectic Surveys

The office team will process the data and will upload on your webportal.

Geodectic Surveys

The data will be delivered to you on our webportal.

Our Clients

Get the real drone solution for you worksite